It Is

Khashoggi: It’s not even a question of who ordered him murdered, granted the permission to utilize resources and assets, or even what happened to body parts (because they flew out of Turkey and over open waters) on the return trip. Do you think any ordinary Saudi could cook up the scheme?

The real question, in my mind, is “Why?” More specifically, “What did Khashoggi know that was such a threat to the House of Saud, that the Crown Prince and his ilk resorted to such subterfuge in assassination?”

Last night, a Negro came to me in a dream:

Uncle Tom, I may be. Uncle Tom, you call me, despite kneeling on knee. But, you know the White man did and always will sell his mama for a dollar. I guess his hope is in the saying, ‘now more of my friends won’t see squalor.’ White man saying one should die for the greater good, particularly in my greater neighborhood.  The place where love, morality and truth once stood.

Not to worry, there’s no debate: It is what it is, that was his fate!

CIA =  Clear Intelligent Awareness.