I never thought about what it means to have a butler, or why the man who has that job was called such a name.  Word!

Servant?  My ass!!!  BUTT wiper is what he is.  The English have such a way with words, Mr. Shakespeare.  BUTTLER, is just so euphonious.  Shit!  Better check the spelling on that just to eliminate doubt: “butler”.

And, so it occurred a particularly peculiar thought came to mind, and it came at such a time as I realized rich men don’t wipe their own asses. Nor do they clean up their own messes. As long as you’ve got someone to clean up after you, it’ll look neat and tidy.  Well, not exactly.

Some of us have learned that we must wipe our own asses.  Thus, no need for anyone to be around to tidy things up.  That’s not to say we don’t need a helping hand, or that we’re perfect in any sense of the word.  It does mean that anyone coming into the little space that is granted each individual on this planet should be prepared to not leave any mess for anyone else to clean up. Thus, live not needing a butler, nor desiring one.


Day One Donald

Today is the day Donald Trump sits side-saddle with POTUS.  No doubt the reality of his ignorance will be illuminated. The things he knows better than anyone else will be the drained swamp of his illusions, exposing the ruggedly rigged rocks (jury rigged, for sure, just to keep the God-damned machine from blowing apart), the venomous vipers and dangerous delusion that the most powerful human being on the face of the earth must manage.

By the end of the day, he’ll understand how good a poker player Mr. Obama was in keeping the damned ship of state afloat. He will also begin to perceive that all that glitters is not gold, that he’s put himself on a path that has no end, no sign posts and nobody to blame. The fuckin’ Buck has stopped. Castles made of sand fall in the sea … eventually.


Looks like the Soviets are at it, as usual.  I just got a note that intrusion was attempted on my closet server.  Digressing, my note to them:  I know their history of treating human beings as less than beasts of burdens.  That, in their culture is the echos of the culprit.

I hope they love their children, too. I doubt it. And, I know they, like the so-called United Kingdom is a derivative of a kingdom of inhumanity.  Like the Assyrians, I know what to expect from their ilk and offspring.  Beware:  “Pop goes the weasel. ”

So, as you masters of war continue to hone your craft, know that in my hopelessness and isolation and frustration, their is something called enlightenment that has caused humanity to progress beyond anything and everything you may do, ye agents of the Dark Side.

As for Donald, welcome to the Mad House.  Just like I told George W. Bush (and his political lackeys):  

“Looks like you got shit on your hands, son.  Don’t expect me to tell you or help you get it, and the stank, off.”

Reason:  I told you not to touch it the first time!