I’m Just Sayin ….

When Cubans risked their lives, fleeing Castro’s take over, before and after he did so, were the beaches of Florida and U.S. territorial waters ever barbed-wired, militarized and absolutely blockaded to fleeing migrants?

When a person is evidently irrational to the  a reasonable law enforcement officer who suspects access to a weapon of mass destruction could result in harm to that person or the public,  should not removal of access to the weapon of mass destruction should be the law?

So, N.R.A., there were those who did have guns last night at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. Did that mitigate the carnage?

Why can’t politicians get real?* Why can’t the N.R.A. and say what’s right and true? What say ye, Justice Kavanaugh?

 * Answer: “That’s what they do!”