Tahoe Inspiration

Tahoe Inspiration

To Be Or Not To Be
That is the Answer

Time is Illusion

Consciousness Is Awareness Life Gifts
Breaking the Barrier of Illusion of Time

Technology is the Tool Consciously Invented to
Break Dissolve the Barrier of the Illusion by
Empowering You to Discover its
Non-necessity and

J. Herman Blake

J. Herman Blake

After service in the U.S. Navy I returned to Santa Monica City College, where I’d failed out.  And, after redemption (All “A’s” and “B’s”), I was accepted at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I majored in Psychology.

I was privileged and honored to meet Dr. J. Herman Blake, Sociologist, while there.  And, he had a tremendous impact on my understanding of both myself, the history and social condition of African American and the struggles of life. I must also mention John Rickford, whose keen intellect and brilliant insights enabled and facilitated my survival and achievement.

Herman recently wrote and thanked me for driving him to the California Men’s Colony where Huey P. Newton was incarcerated.  Jan Mathias, who later became my wife, was with me.

Herman’s collection of work is now at Emory.  Check it out!jointlogo


August Four Glow

August  Four Glow

Life and love
Dove of peace
Live above
Spiritual increase

Be clear of the beast

It’s good to be a free man
Love supreme
Go flow




If you’re reading this blog, then you know that I published TrumpsusPence a few days ago.  Well, the “suspense” is out of Trump.

It occurs to me that one needs to know how to answer a question, which means a person has to understand what the question is. In this situation, one person said, ‘You’ve not sacrificed anything like I’ve sacrificed.’ The answer was, ‘Look at what I’ve done. That’s a sacrifice.’

Obviously, the man Trump does not know the difference between “accomplishment” and “skin in the game”.  Skin in the game = flesh, bone and blood. As I thought awhile ago, none of Trump’s children have enlisted in the armed forces.  A parent who raises a child instills values into that child. And, the child becomes motivated to be what his or her parent(s) are or have been. With regard to citizenship, Trump’s children have made their choices, not unlike the choices that others have made.  Pursuit of fame and fortune are a part of American virtues as is service given to a nation that does not prioritize fame and fortune.

I’ve always felt that there are intelligent, upright and honorable people who are Republicans.  I’ve often asked, “Where are they?” I’ve also written that “ideology” = “ignorance.” That’s not because ideology is bad, but because it is blind to the question of “context.”  Context contains the environmental “realities” that effect reasoning. And, context always trumps logic. That is, it makes and leaves ideology irrational. And, I’m happy to see there are Republicans who “get it!”

Common sense makes the point:  “If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”  Maybe what observers of U.S. politics have been missing is that Trump has, in fact, been trying to get out of the kitchen. He really doesn’t want the job and no matter what he does, he just can’t seem to get out. My guess is that his IRS audit leaves him with no other alternative but to become president, to change the rules before the rules paint him into an undesirable corner. However, I admit that I might be totally wrong on that point, to not take anything out of context.