The Magic of Vinyl

In the process of moving my flat-screen display, I managed to step on an attached cable and break the rf input for TV.  This is somewhat like the Laurel and Hardy comedy where one thing leads to another and another and a mess of wires and chords and cables and the broken new flat screen tv’s rf input.

I managed to render first aid and all functionality has been restored (have you ever taken apart your device, just to see if you could put it back together without damaging something else)?  All of that nerding around got me to plugging in my Technics linear tracking SL-6 turntable to the multi-channel audio-video receiver.  Finally, (through a RIAA preamp) my turn table led to my now somewhat warped vinyl collection.  But among the warped records were about 80% that are still flat enough to play.  Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly was a casualty of time.  Traffic’s John Barleycorn Must Die was spectacular, still.   Unfortunately, the entire volume of Woodstock vinyl  was badly warped, all of ’em. But … Knights in White Satin and the Moody Blues just brought it all home.  Then, it was on to Donna Summer’s State of Independence!  I put it on repeat and did work in the back yard to that one.

My goodness, there was Liona Boyd among the still unwarped discs.  I just had to Google her!  What beauty!!!!  I’m listening to disc titled The First Lady of the Guitar. Jesus, why have we not lived and loved (musically speaking)? Check her out, if you’ve never known or heard of her.  Check her out if you’ve forgotten who we’ve walked with.


Obey The Law

Charlie’s First Law:

Nobody shall have more fun than I am having (‘with me, myself and i’).

Charlie’s Second Law:

“Everybody shall obey the First law

Sanctions for failure to follow the law.

Those who do not obey the laws shall suffer the consequences and punishments, including, but not limited to:

  • Boredom
  • Misery
  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • Conflicts
  • Self abuse

C. Channel, Jr., Juris Doctor
Attorney at Law
State of California


  • Never jump into a fight between sexual partners
  • Never jump into a fight between two relatives (brother and sister, brother and brother, cousins tribes or nations)
  • Never jump into or start a fight in another person’s neighborhood
  • If you can avoid fighting, always avoid the fight – even if it means running away
  • If you must fight, do whatever is necessary to win at all costs … anything and everything


Diamonds of Wisdom

Years ago I read a book that revolutionized and evolved my consciousness. It was titled The Four Agreements. There’s a companion book titled, The Mastery of Love.  Both books were written by David Ruiz. I commend them to you.

The Four Agreements encapsulate applied psychology into concepts easily absorbed and incorporated into consciousness.  In those books, I found “the secret” to solving whatever inner-personal issues that present in living and dying on this planet.  Try and apply: the resulting personal evolution will be manifest to all on the planet.

I was thinking about other diamonds of wisdom that are available to the world, without little or not cost.  I’m speaking (through writing) about thoughts that equates to wisdom and enlightenment.  It’s the stuff renaissance comprises.  It is the light to human evolution of consciousness.

At the outset of my quest for an understanding of human existence, and (obviously) my place in it, the ultimate question is, What is right and what is wrong?  If, in fact, I believe that here is such a thing or idea that you (and I) call “truth” it must not be relative.

My definition,  to be clear, is that the truth is immutable. Otherwise, it is impossible to “know” what is and is not moral — what is morally right and what is morally not right.  Without morality there is no such thing as “justice.”  And also be clear, the definition of truth must be universal and applicable to religion, meaning ALL religions and beliefs and political or social systems that affect human and the  groups they classify themselves or each individuals behavior.


Any religion or system of government that does not employ and practice that standard engages in immorality in its conduct and behavior towards others.

Really, now, does any human being control where and when he or she was conceived?  How, then, can there be community guilt based on tribe or religion or political belief? How can one religion rightly sanction violence against an individual, based on who conceived that individual, and where conception occurred?  Only the most primitively, viciously animalistic and vile political or religious belief system, from which flows tribulations and heinous abuse of life.



Life is emotion. What I have learned is that the universal attribute of life, no matter what time, space or dimension, is emotion. I’d be so inclined to admit that life’s manifestation is the constant of emotion.

The intellect (logos) is the cap of emotion, and dresses emotion in rationality, which feeds emotion and produces behavior of that which lives.

Emotion moves everything and everyone.

RIP Dolores Anita Thomas

Love to Dolores, my mother-in-law, who passed from this scene February 10, 2015. Dolores’ father was Frank Fairfax, whose can claim the status of first hiring Dizzy for about a year in Philadelphia after Diz first left the farm for the city and the Muse. The history is in the books on the subject, and Diz was a family friend with whom I had the pleasure of hanging with on one occasion.

Dolores was a women who was selected as a Black beauty queen the year Anita Bryant won the title of Miss America.

Snapshot - 18


Dolores was a most positive person, who sought the beauty and happiness that life could bring — and on whose couch sat a pillow embroidered with the words, “Screw the Golden Years!”

RIP Dolores. Love you, always.