Finding the Answer!

“Who am i?”

Yea.  That’s a little “i”.

i = me

My destiny was to marry Jan Leslie Mathias (a beautiful soul), grand daughter of Frankie Fairfax … the guy who Dizzy connected with when he left Cheraw, NC and went to Philadelphia. Frankie’s daughter was Dolores, Jan’s mother.  It’s all in the book, To Be or Not . . . to Bop, by and about Dizzy., around page 52 or so.

Witness my Musical emergence from the fog of reality that engulfs life i’ve experienced: Merged with Muse, complete and free and it is there i be me.  Always, a “Thank you” to Dizzy for helping me see (for understanding and comprehension, read the book — especially the beginning  pages).



The Pledge should be re-written.  No flag is necessary, as it is a symbol and thus, idolatry (a primitive state of mind based on pure superstition that an object somehow is imbued with extraordinary power).

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America , one nation with liberty and justice for all.

Really, is there anything else that’s needed or required?

Elevate public social and political consciousness, now!