Happy Holidays

This month, as usual, drives commercial intensity in the name of generosity. That attention moves us past the Winter solstice and into the so-called “new year.”

That there are many “new year” markers in so called time-space, reality dictates each moment an anniversary and new year. Thus, I wish all wellness and for peace on the planet, each day, each hour, each minute each second and moment of existence. That’s, obviously, idealization. But, it is my reality.

So, in the moment collective consciousness turns spiritual unqualified love and gifting, let it be my want that this view of holidays propel you through whatever anniversary that moves such love. Live it daily, moment by moment.

I give you, How Kondoo, the Curious Sheep, Brought Color to Gray Valley. It’s an unscientific tale of wonder that tries to answer questions about our world and beyond. Enjoy the ride. Peace.