G with a C in the 5

This moment: Resolution. Question: What’s the end. Answer: G with a C in the 5. Works with C or G. The pattern is found in music and voice to indicate finality. However, space can invert the end. With space comes time. In time repetition defines meter. Existence occurs.

Shakey Hands @ 71 and Still Having Fun

Essential tremors.  20% of people get them. They come and they go.

I use to thread a needle with my hands. Now, I can’t even pick my nose. I call it shaky hands and that’s how it goes. I just wish they’d let me know what keyboard key executes a function.  Anyway, shaky hands  on the computer keyboard creates opportunity. I usually screw up what I’m writing, not knowing which key or that my hand has inadvertently struck a key. Whatever I was writing simply disappears. That, in turn, frees me to shake  something else.

71 presents an interesting  viewpoint. Time to get busy!


A fast way to learn is to teach. When teaching, you see what is not known by the pupil and instruction and demonstration is presented to empower the student to mastery. However, it is likely that the student’s  instruction given can be applied to something applicable to teacher need of mastery.

True. The teacher’s mastery may beyond the student’s. True, also, that the teacher’s failures can, by applying what was taught to the student, also  become the focal point of the teacher’s study and mastery.  Of course, any mastery simply leads to the next level of failure in seeking perfection.

Thus, it is: A teacher learns as much from each student, each of whom  is to be thanked.