Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare

I often meditate while walking. Doing that, particularly when I’m depressed, enables me to tap into an altered state of consciousness. In that state, clairvoyance (clear vision of the unknown and seen) manifests.

Today’s insight:  Donald Trump never learned the lesson that one cannot “get laughs” at the expense of others. It’s one of the lessons you learn when you find out you’ve hurt the feelings of someone you love, just joking around about them.  And, before one ascends to position of power, a person must “get it” and live with that knowledge.  End of the file is that Donald Trump has not learned that retaliatory sarcasm leads only to misunderstanding and miscommunication.   Obviously, wars and violence are hinged and pivot on such stupidity.  So much for his ability to lead.

Second thought:  Modern warfare in the information age is conducted by embedding “back doors” or controllers within technology. The software engineers working at coding firmware involve employing capable programmers, some of whom may in fact be spies. What better way to scale a firewall? What better way to find a “safe harbor” port?

My suggestion:  Know that all computers are compromised.  Buy a typewriter. Use the U.S. Mail or courier services.  Finally, before you do or write anything, think about it assuming that what you do or say will be on the front page of a prominent newspaper. And, IF YOU DO NOT WANT A COMPROMISE, DO NOT PUT IT IN WRITING OR RECORD IT IN ANY MANNER.

End of thoughts.



No surprise, see the election will be contested as the Republican convention was contested. The problem is the Supreme Court. At issue are tax returns.

To no avail, stuff E-mail server discussion simply devolves into bureaucratic agency review, administratively rarely subject to Supreme Court review.

Ginsberg  attacked as biased and asked to recuse will be declined (maybe). Agency will whether or not  there is a split. Tax man comes. Which is why (if you are Mr. Trump)  your only option is to run and become president or maybe go to jail for tax evasion. The undoing will be based on prior precedents, written in regulations and enforced by written court decisions.

Ex post facto laws avails no advantage in tax audit or evasion.

Before voting all taxpayers are entitled to know whether or not evasion is on the table at this time.  The public deserves a determination or declaration from the Internal Revenue Service that based on the status of the current audit, there is no tax evasion rising to the level of criminality indicated at this time.


“The time has come, pharm ” the Walrus said, unhealthy “to speak of many things …”
The things I sing
The vibe I get is of the human being

Ignorance befallen common sense
All of this and one more thing
Life paid in cents
Launch the ships of truth
To life and love well spent

There Are Two Problems With Me … Maybe Three

The first problem is I’ve seen the results of a thermonuclear explosion, seconds after it happened, reaching me at the speed of light. Let me be clear. It is unGodly. Period. Seen clearly is the reality that no one human should ever push that button. And, if he did, do not be concerned.

Those who are left will wish they were not. The rest can be compared to snot. And who knows who shall crawl and beg and find the ants and frogs are dead. But, not all shall know that fate. The rest in time and life shall wait. Some shall end up good bait. And some shall find what’s really straight. Beware, the hour’s getting late.

The second is something that waits. It’s not death or faith. It comes fore whether early or late. And the problem is it cannot wait. For life and love is at the gate. And, through it we shall float with glee, knowing life and liberty, and freedom found beneath the tree that lives a lonely life, eternally.

And, then there’s sex, just like the rest, to bring forth pain and ecstasy, to bring forth life like you and me. To find it gives and takes you free to find and see mortality.

Peace, blessing and love to you and me.

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense

Do not attempt to make sense of it.
Uncommon sense means only
No sense = no(I)se “n” se
It is the proud person possession of
Ignorance infused with pride
Without basis in reality.
Therefore, viagra 100mg ignorance it.