Being Born

Migration is to evolution as breathing  (respiration or transpiration) is to life.  Everything has existed in something else for that life’s existence.  An, then there was birth.

Immigration is simply  a milestone in migration.  Migration has always existed. Likewise, immigration always existed, and always will. Trust me on this one:  Animals copulate. Animals migrate. Or, they die.

If you oppose immigration, you are simply opposing life. “Hello!”  You get better odd playing the Super-duper lotto. Good luck with that!

The answer is “one.”


Invalid and Inevitable

Obviously, the 25th Amendment or impeachment is “off the table.” Likewise, character is not relevant to leadership.  Neither is truth.  Thus, truth is invalid.  Hypocrisy is the cotter pin of politics and control of people. The wheel of justice wobbles towards a catastrophic failure of consensus. The vehicle becomes uncontrollable. Crash is inevitable, if not imminent.

“There must be someway out of here!”

I’ll keep Impeachment and the Constitution on the table, like the Sword of Damocles, swinging always to decapitate lies, hypocracy, ignorance and demons, democratically.

By the way, anybody who wants to should kneel when the National Anthem is played at sporting events. Life or limb or mind loss in professional sport (it’s nothing more than a fucking game for $$,$$$,$$$ and a spectator’s emotional charge) is disgustingly profane and a defilement of life and limb for emotion and materialism.

Anyone who “enjoys” it should condescend and pray for forgiveness.  For those who actively engage in the sport, supplication to one’s deity for protection (as superstitious as that is) should be first and foremost before every contest.

If you don’t understand what I’m writing (and thinking and trying to say), you are an idolater, holding to your explicit bias. Understand, if you can, that i do not, am not and cannot be. That’s the essence of individuality. Hear me, oh land of the brave, home of the free! I didn’t eat the apple from the God damned tree!!