ProLife ProLove Provide Prolouge

Mr. Pence celebrates Prolife. Eliminating abortion now means, in simple terms, that the Society must take care of unwanted children.  And, of course, tax dollars must be allocated and used for that purpose.

The equation is simple: Father absent. Mother unable and without ability. Child needs sustenance and covering and security.  How does this work?


If, therefore, you cut federal government funding to entities that provide sanctuary, likely the only place to cut will be the police departments. And, of course, places of sanctuary will, undoubtedly offer forbidden services — which, incidentally, may include birth control and medical services (that include abortion).

What if a veteran is unable or unwilling to support his child? Many veterans were not, and are not, saintly. Some have even been terrorist.

Ultimately, the crime problem has to be addressed. The cost of imprisonment is not limited only to housing inmates. So many things are interrelated.

So, I applaud the Right to Lifers with their human start. I encourage them to pursue anti-hypocracy and cease federal government funding of war, instigation of political instability that leads to war and geopolitical exploitation that creates orphans.

Hope for All Humankind

There is no hope for all humankind. That doesn’t mean that peace is elusive, or that humankind will not prosper, evolve and move towards perfection in life. It does mean that peace will never be universally applicable to every human being.

The reason is simple: If in a given family, there exits strife, confusion, mistrust, abuse, warring or warfare (of any kind) or selfishness, those conditions will exist in the clan, the tribe, the nation, the continent and the planet.  Specifically, the Universe as we know it.

My hope is the “i” will manifest in “be’i’ng” the truth, the peace and the reality i see towards all.

With that knowledge and belief, i encourage all to embrace participation in, creation and manifestation of a most perfect union of spirit and love.