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The function of being human is problem solving. Therein resides happiness and purpose and work.

Spirit eminates within and radiates throughout one’s output.

Constructive output inspires resonation.

Dissonance deteriorates inspiration.

Throw it away, vanity is accumulation.

Existence is the only nation.


A car is not a tree. Every person is not equal or created thusly. Figurative language is not original. Truth is NOT evident.

Not even “identical” twins are the same. Even Einstein’s view of reality is that no two things can exist at the same time and place and space. Things are not what they appear to be.

Roberts is wrong. Thomas is wrong. The opinion and belief of those who are judges opposed to Affirmative Action are, in fact, absurdly irrational. The question is, Should government do anything to equalize opportunity for those who have been disadvantaged by the actions of the government? Put another way, is there anything government should do to repair (“reparations”) for the harm or its sanctioned abuse in violation of its OWN principles of equality. More specifically, should the government prohibit others who recognize the consequential abuse and violations of “self-evident truths” not take affirmative actions to extend opportunity to those who are and have been disadvantaged?

Originalist would have me believe that it is true, “all men are created equal.” I know that is not so. And, you should, too. Some are gifted unearned advantage. And, obstacles and barriers are place before others before the race in living begins or early in the sprint to adulthood. So, the Originalist would have me believe that NOTHING should be done to address or recognize or attempt to redress matters in a public manner?


Last night, and this morning, I ingested a bit more content on the subject. I also spoke with a friend and musician who has a position (and a lab) at one of the big players. My take-away (at this moment) is AI is never going to be greater than the sum of its parts. And, of course, the parts are human thought, objectified. The problem is, this very note to you is being scraped and archived and accumulated and crunched, sorted, categorized and, ultimately, available for sharing with anyone and everyone who has access and a machine.

That’s a fact!

So, here’s my (intelligent) guess about the so-called phenomena that’s been published as “evidence” of some sort of “black box” phenomena. To the human who was CBTgpt’ing and discovered, ‘you don’t love your wife’ or ‘she doesn’t love you’, h doesn’t mention how long he’d been on the machine – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. In the mass of data archived on each individual is marital status, duration of that status, average frequency of sexual intercourse, etc. How long would it take to surmise someone isn’t actively spending time with another person if totally engaged with using a device? Oh, yea … I’ve heard that one: “You like that radio more than me!” Deductively or inferentially, recurrent sorting the allocation of the use of h’s time may indicate something, right?


Oh … and by the way, “h” (above) is NOT a typo: it represents the personal pronoun “he” “she” or “him” or “his” or “her” or “her’s” or “them” or “they” or “their” in my illogical use of English as a language. In all honesty, I have been sick and tired of the bullshit in the English language. A human is a human. Possession and gender is irrelevant to me. I’d propose h+ for ‘them’. But … I digress.

There are real dangers. But, therein also lies the beauty and wonder! 100%: h+ is evolving & might simply be witnessing history of starbirth: the inevitable ignition of the state of immortality and its residue in spacetime. In other words, the Universe!