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Apology Sorrows Alternate Reality

My apology to all those I’ve cussed at and cussed out of my reality.

My sorrow and apology to those I have not loved.

Reality for me is the old school: Don’t buy on credit unless you absolutely have to. And, if you use credit, pay you debt to others first before you do anything else. Keep your promises. Period. The only exception is the land under your feet and roof over your head, which you pay for as long as you live — if necessary.


The fUnction of beIng hUman = mInd. ObserVe the Universe. aWe!

LiVing peace on earth is no more impossible than uman flying, than uman driving, than uman dying.


The function of being human is problem solving. Therein resides happiness and purpose and work.

Spirit eminates within and radiates throughout one’s output.

Constructive output inspires resonation.

Dissonance deteriorates inspiration.

Throw it away, vanity is accumulation.

Existence is the only nation.