Bass Instruction

Resources to learn how to play the bass (“Google or otherwise search for resources). YouTube is an excellent place to start.  Go vertical, meaning “login”, learn and apply the practice in every gig and rehearsal moment. Happy mastering!

Artist Works – John Patitucci
Double Bass
Rufus Reid – Evolving Bass
Victor Wooten – Music Lesson
Michael Klinghoffer – How Not to Play the Bass = Mr. Carr Teach Me How to Drive a Bass
Ratzo Harris – Warm Up Exercises and Movement Technique
Kenny Wernet – Effortless Mastery
Ray Brown (book)
Stanley Clark (listen)
Marcus Miller (listen)
Ron Carter (listen)
Dan Ziemann – Walking Bass Lines
International Society of Bassists (list of bass teachers)
Steve Swann Bass Shop in the S.F. Bay Area (instruments)
Alex (“Madman”) Friedman – Acoustic Bass Shop (repair and instruments)
SF Symphony Bass Section (lessons may be possible)
Red Rain by Peter Gabriel (listen)
Pat Metheny (listen)
Sting (listen)
Ornette Coleman (listen)
Miles Davis (listen … go past Live-Evil and upwards)
Jaco Pastorius (listen and “do” if you can)
Charlie Haydn (sp? … but … *****)
Miroslav Vitous

and … every bassist (Including me) you’ll ever hear, solo or ensemble.

Start with World Music: The truth is there!