Trumpetry -> Impeach

The man is guilty of Puppetry, plain and simple.  The High Crime and Misdemeanor is blatantly obvious, beyond a reasonable doubt.   This was not the sophisticated puppetry associated with soap opera villainy.  No, people, this was Puppetry that can only be called treason.  His villainy shall henceforth live historically about the United States of America and be called “Trumpetry!”. The political strategy normally works in the game of cards — until the one who won the bid of hand dealt calls the game, “No Trumpetry”.  Get it?  “Trump e Try”.

How does a foreign national have a greater need to know than a citizen?

Will someone in authority give me the classified code-name, as it’s been compromised.  Oh, I see. The classified code-name has now been changed as it’s been compromised.  Even a better reason to let me know what it was, since we have public knowledge of what the result was (laptops being transported in the cargo hole of airplanes).

By the way, can someone tell me how putting laptops in a suitcase in the belly of a plane is less risky than a person carrying the laptop?  Never mind.  I’m not flying anywhere.  Period. Thank you, John Madden.