There Are Two Problems With Me … Maybe Three

The first problem is I’ve seen the results of a thermonuclear explosion, seconds after it happened, reaching me at the speed of light. Let me be clear. It is unGodly. Period. Seen clearly is the reality that no one human should ever push that button. And, if he did, do not be concerned.

Those who are left will wish they were not. The rest can be compared to snot. And who knows who shall crawl and beg and find the ants and frogs are dead. But, not all shall know that fate. The rest in time and life shall wait. Some shall end up good bait. And some shall find what’s really straight. Beware, the hour’s getting late.

The second is something that waits. It’s not death or faith. It comes fore whether early or late. And the problem is it cannot wait. For life and love is at the gate. And, through it we shall float with glee, knowing life and liberty, and freedom found beneath the tree that lives a lonely life, eternally.

And, then there’s sex, just like the rest, to bring forth pain and ecstasy, to bring forth life like you and me. To find it gives and takes you free to find and see mortality.

Peace, blessing and love to you and me.