Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare

I often meditate while walking. Doing that, particularly when I’m depressed, enables me to tap into an altered state of consciousness. In that state, clairvoyance (clear vision of the unknown and seen) manifests.

Today’s insight:  Donald Trump never learned the lesson that one cannot “get laughs” at the expense of others. It’s one of the lessons you learn when you find out you’ve hurt the feelings of someone you love, just joking around about them.  And, before one ascends to position of power, a person must “get it” and live with that knowledge.  End of the file is that Donald Trump has not learned that retaliatory sarcasm leads only to misunderstanding and miscommunication.   Obviously, wars and violence are hinged and pivot on such stupidity.  So much for his ability to lead.

Second thought:  Modern warfare in the information age is conducted by embedding “back doors” or controllers within technology. The software engineers working at coding firmware involve employing capable programmers, some of whom may in fact be spies. What better way to scale a firewall? What better way to find a “safe harbor” port?

My suggestion:  Know that all computers are compromised.  Buy a typewriter. Use the U.S. Mail or courier services.  Finally, before you do or write anything, think about it assuming that what you do or say will be on the front page of a prominent newspaper. And, IF YOU DO NOT WANT A COMPROMISE, DO NOT PUT IT IN WRITING OR RECORD IT IN ANY MANNER.

End of thoughts.