No surprise, see the election will be contested as the Republican convention was contested. The problem is the Supreme Court. At issue are tax returns.

To no avail, stuff E-mail server discussion simply devolves into bureaucratic agency review, administratively rarely subject to Supreme Court review.

Ginsberg  attacked as biased and asked to recuse will be declined (maybe). Agency will whether or not  there is a split. Tax man comes. Which is why (if you are Mr. Trump)  your only option is to run and become president or maybe go to jail for tax evasion. The undoing will be based on prior precedents, written in regulations and enforced by written court decisions.

Ex post facto laws avails no advantage in tax audit or evasion.

Before voting all taxpayers are entitled to know whether or not evasion is on the table at this time.  The public deserves a determination or declaration from the Internal Revenue Service that based on the status of the current audit, there is no tax evasion rising to the level of criminality indicated at this time.