I Made It!

Last night’s drive to San Francisco was a “trip” to say the least.  Lots of accidents on Northbound 101, cut through neighborhoods to get to 280 only to be met with a row of red tail lights.  But, the good news is I made it in 1.5 hours + a few seconds and …. lo and behold!  A parking space right in front of the restaurant.

The first set was great.  The second set ended in a train wreck.  I’m not sure how … well, that not true.  I’m not sure when …. well, actually I sensed the moment … I’m not sure where … well … actually, I know where I was.  The end was a train wreck and I think I know how, where and when and why it happened.

The incident reminds me of something a friend and fellow musician said:  “Don’t even pick up the instrument if you think you’ll not have a melt down on stage.”

Why it happens:  Lack of listening to the space.  The space will define where the beginning of the tune is.  But, you’ve got to listen to an entire chorus + to be sure you know exactly where you are, or where the rest of us are.  It’s a bit of advice I’ll pass on to the team.

Meanwhile, we did make some real pleasurable moments before the derailment. And, I got dinner + gas money + a couple of bucks for a pizza.  Cheers!