Tonight …

I’m about to embark on the trudge to San Francisco.  Seems like I dislike driving these days.  It’s kind of tiring.  But, in order to play music, sacrifice is often required.

At my small birthday party, hosted by Marilyn Scott, I was presented with a birthday card custom made by her.  She always does that.  She’s my biggest fan!  I’m pleased to share what she gave me, a card with an image of me.

Here’s a picture of me launching into music around 2002 – 3.  I was jamming with the Talons:  David Rages, Tony Rodrigues, Jeff Carr and William Jackson.  Dave’s cousin is Mark Wright and I was so pleased to be able to play with him on occasion, as facilitated by Dave.  We did a great gig in Mountain View at the Afrobean (sp?) Feastival.  Sadly, Mountain View stopped having the festival a few years later.  But, in that moment, the jam was on and it was hot!

Talons 2003

Honestly, folks … this is the way music is supposed to be.