I visited David Rages on Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s my annual tradition for celebrating Thanksgiving.  I should also mention that I celebrate Christmas and Easter in a similar manner.  David deep fries turkeys.  But, he’s got it down to a science that will turn a vegetarian to the tastes he creates.  It’s both the technique of deep frying the bird, along with his secret marinade sauce.

Of course, the reality is that before Thanksgiving and on 13 November 2015 a disgusting act of cowardice, stupidity, ignorance, and un-Godliness (call Him or Her Allah of Jehovah or YaWay of whatever) occurred in the assassination of innocents occurred by and through scum.

In tribute to those fallen and that moment, Ric Louchard performed a lament.  Here it is for all who truly understand righteousness, love and peace.  Sorrows for love …

1311 Lament