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In the house

Nothing changed. Set up my bedroom server ( for delivering content to students, friends and business associates. COVID-19 on the loose. Changes in the booth. Let’s make house-time truth. Enjoy the vibes.

Who i Am

The i


Good morning. I come on Day Light Saving time. Let’s shed some. I’ve been in place for a number of years. To Be or not to Be is the answer to any fear.

Taxes coming very soon to the tune of answer?

For Leslie and Jacob

I never said you must be like me. Don’t think I’m not free of prejudice and hatred’s tea. Your moves to freedom far from me frees me from this Earth’s realities. You views do not define my Be. And, as you sit from your above, you’ll never know the truth i love.

Amorata: the aroma Queen: witness not love i’ve seen, seeking not love that is free, lived not the love i’ve beamed and, perhaps, comprehend your hopes i dreamed.

Invisibility … Peace … Love …

Freely …

It’s Simple … They’ll Burn the Books

The reality is the Democrats speak about the future, despite the current loss and the erosion of truth, justice and the American way. The thought is that history will record there were those who stood for the values upon which the U.S.A. was created. And, that those despotically inclined and corrupt, as judged historically, will be exposed and known — despite what has been done to obfuscate and twist the truth.

The assumption is that the record will be there for all to see and know (in the future). Good luck.

The reality is that they burn books for a reason.

Enjoy the ride.

shadow shit

Unbelievable. Look, an “app” ain’t an “application.” It’s nothing more than a client computer’s link to a server. The actual “application” is on the server. Thus, either the problem is with the database on the server, or the client link that was built.

My guess is that the problem is with the database query. Most likely, they got a Cartesian join. It results in a catastrophic forked replication that causes the machine to duplicate every calculation, i.e., 2 -> 4 -> 16 -> . . . loops.

I once tried to compile a tally that should have taken 15 minutes. Three days later, the damn thing was still trying to calculate.

Let me be clear: You cannot develop an application utilizing a production server. Three servers are utilized to design a bullet proof application:
1. A development server
2. A test server
3. A production server

When a project manager attempts to omit # 1 and/or #2 (as it actually is 3 times more expensive in hardware), you’ve created a disaster and high probability of a catastrophic failure in the deployed application.

The reason is simple: All computer tools comprise three elements: hardware, operating system software and application software. Furthermore, the hardware comprises assembled sub-assemblies that contain firmware. Firmware isn’t anything except hardware components with pre-programmed operational function.

That’s literally all you need to know about how computer things work. So, when you’re developing an application, anything can go wrong. In the three tier deployment of an application it’s likely, when there’s a glitch, you can verify where the problem isn’t. That’s why there’s a development server and a test server.

The thought process is: 1. I have a problem. 2. I fixed the problem. 3. Did it effect anything else, creating a different problem (i.e., ‘did I accidentally hit the incorrect key on the keyboard making a typographical error’).

But, after you develop the application or fix a glitch, you’ve got to test it … real time, just like it’s hot in the real world environment. And, it must be exactly the same as the production server.

When you do that, you can usually catch most glitches. But, God help you if you skip testing and use the production server for a test. You won’t do that because the production server must be stable as a rock and 99.9999% reliable. Also, it has to be the exact duplicate of the test server. And, Microsoft always updates shit, whether you want it or not in most instances. Shit just stops working.

My guess is the back end was Microsoft (the production server) and the development or test server (if they used one or two — which I doubt). Given the security needed for the client application, SSL and whatever else is utilized to authenticate the client, you’ve got a world of possibilities that is simply FUBAR if and when you take a short-cut. There’s a single point of failure.

$60,000 to develop that sort of application is way too little and short-term skimping on resources (low-balling a bid), results in disappointments, big time.


why i don’t practice

I’m too damn pragmatic. It’s really simple: I was saying, ‘They can simply go to court on a OSC to get the documents. The court would have to rule on the issue of the so-called “executive discretion.”‘ And, make a determination on what part of the evidence would be “privileged” and what part the Congress is entitled, by law, to see. Expedited review of any ruling …

The political reality: Nothing matters, anyway.

I understand … delaying tactics, etc. But, So What? It’s about the rule of law.

Conclusion: Play more music to learn, don’t learn to play. Practice to get better and get yourself out of the way and play.

Moving along

The defense of the president is to assert:
– The opposition wants to nullify the election; and
– The opposition wants to disqualify the candidate from seeking the office on purely political grounds

Fact: The election has occurred and cannot be nullified – office occupied!
Fact: The alleged acts of the president created the situation (not his omissions)
Fact: Something occurred – he failed to carryout his commission to which he was entrusted by those in authority to grant the privilege, in a timely manner, in the opinion of some of those in Congress granting authority.
Fact: The Constitution grants Congress the authority to sanction the president, specifying disqualification for future privileges of the office for failure to act within the scope of authority and powers granted.

The Question:




As for the defense, rather than demolishing the case for Impeachment, it categorically confirms sanctions prescribed by the allegations of malfeasance and self-serving, pursuant to the terms of the Constitution itself.

The error of the defense is that, conceptually, the defense substitutes “democrats” for the for Constitution, in its personification of the document.

The bet is that most people will “buy” the bridge, and swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker.

My last thoughts on the subject: What does Biden have to do with the appropriation made by the Congress? If he deceived Congress, actions should go against him. If his son broke a law, the prosecution should be against him by the appropriate authorities.

If the president knew his acts were going to be hyper-criticized, a prudent professional would have, and should have, avoided even the appearance of impropriety. Nothing less than full disclosure, before taking action, is required when there is the possible appearance of a conflict of interest. Period. And, that is why the defenses are vacuous (at least at this moment in time). That is especially true with regard to dealing with money to which one is entrusted to disburse.

Upon the presidential petard of truth fails the defense of “Executive Privilege.” Executive Privilege is not the same, in equivalency or relevancy, to the word “discretion” of a person working as an executive.

‘If you don’t know, now you do.’

Moving on: The Republicans, if they are in fact “republicans” may check things out (see evidence), find no cause for removal from office based on lack of conclusive evidence, if found inconclusively and they should sanction the president with censure. He failed to avoid even the appearance of a personal conflict of interest.

IMO: If he doesn’t even agree to that, he’s not the sort of person who should be entrusted with leadership.

Take Her out!

He is a Kill-her! HuMan-slayer.

It is so plain to see: He knows how to say, “You’re fired.” And, as the CEO, he knows how to say, “I want her resignation.” But, he speaks as the mobster he is. And, that’s why THEY support him.

Lie is their truth.
Rationale is their hypocracy.
Hate is their love.
Lust is their God.
Crime is their frame.
Deceit the game.
Destroy is their fame.

Evil the name.

Hacked …

Yep. the U.S.A. has been hacked. Plain and simple. Mr. T-Rump primarily has been done in and has been and is “misdemeaningly” mindlessly involved in the attempt to hack the Constitution of the U.S.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: The Plegde of Allegiance must be rewritten, as follows:

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of American, and to the Republic for which it exists, with liberty and justice for all.

What else is necessary?