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Changes have occurred since I put up this page. Not only have streaming services been monetized, real time collaborative synchronous streaming by musicians is now possible. The most important three are (1) Sonobus, (2) Jamulus and (3) — my favorite: –JackTrip. Actually, JackTrip and Jamulus are alternate implementation of, essentially, the same thing: a hub data server geographically situated, connecting multiple client via the hub. Sonobus is “peer-to-peer” meaning that each computer is connected to each other computer.

While the underlying technology is, essentially, the same, the implementation of hub servers has the advantage with respect to multiple connections. Peer-to-peer requires more bandwidth, all things being equal, when a larger group is connected.

sure to check out Charlie Channel Bedtime Buddy ( CCBB ).  The CD was produced in 2003.  It’s currency and relevance let’s me know the truth of the matter: the more things change the more they truly are the same!

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