iDiots …

I’ve got to say, far from being a “genius” an evil idiot is behind the steering wheel of the shi* of state, Rushin’ in!!!

Mariupol gravely moves on …

The geopolitical iDiocity is to get a warm water port! This occurs by 1. disintegrating the civilized infrastructure of a place on the planet, 2. creating a class of homeless and landless people, akin to disenfranchised Palestine people (duh … how’s that working for you?) … and, then, getting back to the regular business of being a growing and prosperous nation-state.

Who said that is “genius” in action?

Do not try to convince me that the ex-president of the U.S.A. knows anything about anything, other than his need to take a shit. I hasten to remind everyone: Even a broken clock is accurate twice a day. And, it’s not because of any human beings intention!

Thoughts and prayers.