The Supreme Court, as in Dread Scott, is effetely endowed in 0authority – zoroauthority (neology for “zero-authority”).

Let’s think about it for a moment. Doctors and medical providers are now responsible for the therapy and treatments of their patients. Therefore, they are held to a standard of confidence inherent in privacy. So, it’s obvious. The providers of abortion services will simply become private businesses, unknown to the general public.

How can a private citizen know who is getting an abortion: Only by a breach of confidence by the medical provider. Therefore, the victim of an unauthorized disclosure has a tortious cause of action against (1) the medical service provider, (2) the employee of the medical service provider who breached the confidence – personally – and (3) the private citizen to was involved in the libel and slanderous disclosure. Moreover, to avoid the libel and slander, the tortious disclosure must prove the truth — the only defense to libel and slander.

The business model for family health should simply be integrated into what family management and planning is all about: HOME ECONOMICS! It’s what children should learn as a part of primary and secondary education. Sex education, home and personal finances (common sense economics) and stuff like that. COUNSELING SERVICES as a part of the institutions in American society. It should be a part of hospital services, just like having an emergency service.

Now, let’s think about the reality Texas has screwed up, badly! Individual freedom and accountability is what the Conservative agenda underpins. That means government isn’t involved is controlling the behavior of people. In a nutshell: “You cannot tell me what to do, even in a law, related to who I am, my work, my play or my conduct that’s none of your business.” Thus, the separation of church and state.

In the abortion issue, the question is, When can a person terminate the life of another? Obviously, it not a question of who can terminate life or whether or not life can be ended. Vegetarians will testify as to that. Thus, it’s a question related to “human” life after it’s initiated — procreated.

So, we’ve got to get to the act of procreation: fertilization of the cell! Therein the issue arises. But for the fertilization of the human egg cell, there is no question and no problem.

Let me cut through the bullshit: Every trial on the issue will be subject to jury nullification. And, every such trial utilizing jury nullification will be subject to a cross-complaint of libel, slander, breach of HIPPA, misrepresentation, fraud, treble damages awarded to the cross complainant for cross-defendants malicious prosecution and appeal to the Supreme Court of the dis-United States of Amerikkka.

So … bring it on … let’s see how the Texas legal system and the Federal courts make something happen to make democracy a reality.