Many years ago, my Father left Texas and, later, moved his wife (my Mother) to California. That was after the start of WW2.

This morning, I read that there is NO permit required to open carry a weapon in Texas. If you have a gun you can carry it (and, apparently use it).

I’m not convinced that the average American citizen, raised on violent fictionalized sensationalism for entertainment, actually know how to resolved a dispute. And, the evidence tends to support to observation that the more guns are in the hands of people, the more innocent people are killed by those possessing guns. Thus, I say: NRA = “no responsible accountability.”

Alcohol and fire arms do not mix. Best friends, in dispute and under the influence, will injure or kill one another. Arguments that, otherwise, would be settled are ended in the explosion of gun fire. The defense then becomes, “impaired” intention due to intoxication. Scant accountability, as far as the dead person is concerned. Let’s not forget unreasonable or mistaken jealousy.

My advice: get out of Texas if you value civility. For those leaving California: good bye and please don’t bother coming back with the uncivilized politics of death and destruction.