The words of Charlie Estus Ezell Channel, Sr.

  1. Always avoid starting a fight to solve an argument. Seek peace! Walk away if needed.
  2. If another provokes the fight, walk away, if you can. Run away if you need to not fight. Escape the situation, even if it means losing the respect of others or self respect as a human being.
  3. Never enter a fight between relatives, particularly and specifically brothers, cousins, uncles or other family members.
  4. Never fight in another person’s neighborhood. The environment your opponent knows (since that’s where he resides) exceeds yours. Thus, he has the advantage.
  5. Only fight when you absolutely have no other alternative. Defend yourself in any and every way known or that can be attempted without limitation, and do so to win by employing and utilizing any means within your reach and necessary or die defending yourself.

I am not a pacifist. That is what I was taught as a child, having to face bullies in the streets. It is my moral stance with regard to politics and nationalism. #2 is, without a doubt, that which saved my life on at least two occasions from police brutality and abuse.

Obviously, nationalism does not follow the standards taught by a man who only finished the fifth grade in elementary school, before going to the cotton fields in Texas. The results shrouded in patriotism and profiteering is, unfortunately, all too predictable and avoidable.