Educated Fools! LIFE SNOT ….


“Stefanik graduated from the Albany Academy for Girls and enrolled at Harvard College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government in 2006.[8][9] She was elected vice president of the Harvard Institute of Politics in 2004.[10] At Harvard, she received an honorable mention for the Women’s Leadership Award.[11]”

How on Earth did we get into this Hell!?!?!? Leader without answer to the question for people! Doesn’t even know to reflect or express truth … who the Sergeant-at-Arms is appointed by or who funds the group!!!!!

How in the name of education did she pass U.S. History in high school? Did she actually get a certificate of graduation from “high school?” If so, was knowing about the U.S. Government and history a requisite? And did she actually get a “diploma” from an “institution of higher learning?” Harvard, for God’s sake????

Who in the name of REALITY signed off on her certification of qualification, knowledge and accomplishment and honor? Benjamin, no doubt about it: $$$!

If Harvard doesn’t revoke her bona fides, close the damn place down! It’s not worth the pronunciation of its name.

This system is bullshit, masquerading as hamburger! You’re raining shit in my head and mind, and calling it fillet minion.

It is time to flush the shit down the toilette. Time to let it flow into the cesspool of history and then to the drain field of the earth.

Choice Matters Not!
Life Snot!!!