Deep Shit State

The dTrumpXpres was and is the so-called “Deep State”. Neither “You” or “I” or any other living being could find “them” by looking for “them.” Them is they!

Pitch a snitch Mitch knows this … as does crummy chummy Cryin’ Cruz.But, I digress …

So when Harris asked the question, she forgot one verb: “told” (and maybe “commanded”) and one conjunction “and”

In over his head in the deep shit state , he thought fast …

… didn’t say, “told” or “directed” or “commanded” or used the word “and” ….

So now you know, if you didn’t know, that dTrumpXpres is the deep shit state he purportedly was looking for. As an asset of Putin, the Manchurian puppet pulled the strings of those under his control.

Figaro Greenall