Trump must be Impeached! His access to campaign funds already raised exceeding $100 million must be barred. The money should be forfeited and reverted to the U.S. Treasury as compensation for Covid 19 expenses (and to reduce the record deficits that are the direct consequence of his acts and omissions).

He knew (by his own admissions) that Covid was more dangerous than he published and advocated and intentionally misrepresented (his motives are no defense and are irrelevant). In doing so he committed at least Gross Negligence, Recklessness (or Gross Recklessness) — resulting in personal harm, injury and death of others.

For crimes or personal injury from violation of a right, there MUST be a remedy. Otherwise, you do not have a system based on law.

It is that concept, idea and precept upon which the fiction of United States of America is invoked as a matter of fact.