Sincere Idiotic STUPIDITY

Really, the word idiotic should never be used figuratively. But, there are those who believe speaking English is synonymous with knowing the difference between shit and shinola.

Witness, if you want, the current dissent against wearing face masks to prevent or attenuate the transmission of Covid-19. Are the dissenters the same people who cry for their right to carry a machine gun to church and their local bar, the imposition of a law to wear a safety helmet if you ride a motorcycle or to buckle up and wear a seat belt if you ride or drive in a vehicle?

Yes! We have heard it before. Only this time it has to do with public health. And, believe it or not, the cost of protecting others and one’s self is trivial, compared to the cost of treating one person for the disease. It’s not difficult, as when brain surgery is required. Yet, those opposers emotionally demonstrate they are simply idiotic, if not idiots outright. Apparently, it matters not whether the person has a penis or vigina.

Good morning, Thursday. It’s been quite a week.