Cognito, Ergo SuM

Charlie: The name Charlie is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “free man”. Charlie derives, of course, from the classic name Charles which, in turn, comes from a German word meaning “free man.” 

Estus: It seems to me that the name for estus flasks could be derived from the Greek word “εστία” – “Estea” which translates to hearth as in hearth fire, so the estus flask is a little part of the bonfire, that is pretty much the only warm and welcoming thing in this game.

Ezell: English: of unknown origin. The name was well established in the Carolinas by the mid 18th century. In one branch of the family the name was changed to Israel; this is a derivative, not the origin. Americanized form (under French influence) of German Esel, a nickname from Middle High German esel ‘donkey’. (cchannel’s opinion: i add that African descendants who were made illiterate slaves and their offspring, who heard and knew Bible verses named children “Ezel” – which was an probably is the illiterate pronunciation of the name Ezekiel, aurally and orally). Ezekiel is a masculine Hebrew language namemeaning “God’s Strength.” It can be used as both a given name and a surname.

Channel:channel is a passageway, a means of access for a thing, a communication, or an idea. Think of a channel as sort of a tunnel or a funnel that moves something directly through. The noun channel can be used for many such avenues.

Junior: The name Junior is a Latin Baby Names baby name. In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Junior is: Younger. Used in the United States to distinguish a son from his father, when both bear the same name.

That is my name, given at birth: November 16, 1944 – in the midst of World War 2. Charlie Estus Ezell Channel, Jr. I’ve never seen the need or had the urge to change it.

In the stream of time, we are on the edge. In context begin in the Book of Daniel. See Chapter 39 and 39. “THEY WILL HAVE TO KNOW THAT I AM JEHOVAH”, -> Revelation Chapter 6.

“He did not choose wisely.”