So far, living is uncertainty. Will i see another Sunrise? Will i sleep in bed? Will i walk among you? Will i talk instead? Is a roof above my head? i the walking dead? The grateful instead? Depression fronting dread. It’s destiny instead. Keep the faith. Keep dreaming. Seek truth and wisdom in all you are seeing.

Peace be within your grasp, in all that you are seeing. A little help from all your friends, will always be your being. The love and truth within the jar, within the light’s that beaming.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the thing that we are chasing is beneath our feet, within our hands, within our beat. I see the truth in all that’s said, in all that’s done, in all that’s dead.

In the absence of nothing there is existence, and in the existence of nothing there is infinity. Infinity that expands in everlasting loop. It is the matter of the moment that beings into consciousness the reality that it all simply under our hands.

Be in love. Be in peace. Be involved in all you seek. Be meek. Be truth. Be red white blue black green pink yellow: