Indoctrination, Training and Education

It’s so strange. Silence from the the Secretary of Education on so much related to education. Where is the instruction and guidance to parents who are now directly responsible for their children’s training and education.

Does she even know the difference between “indoctrination,” “training,” and “education”? And, exactly, what should be collectively do with regard to those categories of socialization? Clearly, the facts show her expertise , like Mr. Trump’s, the manipulation of people through the utilization of money.

Where are the national standards against which every student should be educated (taught to think), in making decisions that effect their lives. Where is the subject specific guidelines and manuals and tools that can be used to train (show and tell “how to do” stuff) students? Where is the information that lets a parent know the difference between education, training and indoctrination — and where the boundary is.

Silence. Solution: throw money at the matter and deem that action a political success.

This is a disgrace. The Trump administration has failed on so many fronts, including the one that is actually the first line of defense: knowledge and intelligence.