… it’s that bad …

How can this happen?  I no longer believe anything … politically …  I believe only what I know:  Mourn the loss of dignity, mourn the loss of principles, mourn the loss of values, mourn the loss of realization.

The president calls it treason.  As usual, he’s wrong: It’s subversion.

When a leader lacks principles and values, those under his command, likely, embrace unprincipled action justified by the leader’s behavior.  A leader’s actions model emulated behavior, as what he or she does speaks louder than words.

Resignation and explanation: that’s what it should have been. The anonymity of resistance is a precursor of terrorism. Beware: you know not from where such an attack was launched.

  1.  It’s NOT about Colin Kapernick. You know who he is and he’s explained why he did what he did.  I support his right to do so.
  2. The business of government is not business. It’s leadership of people.
  3. EDUCATION — not indoctrination, training, not faith, and certainly NOT political persuasion —  is an absolute requirement for the freedom and progress of humanity.

This is NOT a crisis of the Constitution. It’s the unintended consequences of the abuse of authority, plain and simple. Mr. Trump is the model. I do not expect anything less from those whom he leads.