Rousey 48 Out!

For those who have been reading my blog, you’re probably aware of my opinion about Rousey’s beating the last time she fought.  My theory is very simple:  With a trauma or abuse (of any kind), brain function is altered that affects the mind.  Basically, at a subconscious level, the organism is re-programmed at the emotional level.

The example is those individuals who become “gun shy” after being in combat.  A loud noise will set off an emotional startle reaction.  It’s simply a matter of self-preservation, as the organism “learns” from the experience.

With Rousey’s last thrashing, she was finished as a boxer at the subconscious level. In short, the body doesn’t want to take that sort of punishment.  It’s only at this higher level of consciousness that an individual attempts to affect, through “will” that which the subconscious wants to avoid.  Thus, “fear” is imbedded that affected Rousey’s ability to effectively engage in combat.  Make no doubt about it, the fight game (and football) is mortal combat.

The odds were against Rousey from the moment she lost the last fight.  She’s got no fight left in her.

End of file!