I never thought about what it means to have a butler, or why the man who has that job was called such a name.  Word!

Servant?  My ass!!!  BUTT wiper is what he is.  The English have such a way with words, Mr. Shakespeare.  BUTTLER, is just so euphonious.  Shit!  Better check the spelling on that just to eliminate doubt: “butler”.

And, so it occurred a particularly peculiar thought came to mind, and it came at such a time as I realized rich men don’t wipe their own asses. Nor do they clean up their own messes. As long as you’ve got someone to clean up after you, it’ll look neat and tidy.  Well, not exactly.

Some of us have learned that we must wipe our own asses.  Thus, no need for anyone to be around to tidy things up.  That’s not to say we don’t need a helping hand, or that we’re perfect in any sense of the word.  It does mean that anyone coming into the little space that is granted each individual on this planet should be prepared to not leave any mess for anyone else to clean up. Thus, live not needing a butler, nor desiring one.