Teaching and Learning

Yesterday, Robert brought a Christmas present:  Victor Wooten’s biography titled, Me and My Bass Guitar.  I’ve both read and listened to Vic’s book The Music Lesson.  I review it periodically. And, I’ve been working on a chart that’s been extremely challenging.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I just can’t seem to get it.  And, my analysis and criticism of my practicing, playing and performance has been quite severe and pointed.  “What’s wrong with me or my head?”

I’m sure other musicians have had the same frustration.  But, that doesn’t help at all.  I’ve got to get it because it simply feels like a milestone that and bridge that I’ve got to cross before I die.

The insight I’ve received, after beginning Me and My Bass Guitar is that Vic learned to play before he learned to read music.  And that, I believe, is the problem I’m having.  I’ve been trying to read before I’m able to play.  Well, at least that the insight I’ve gleaned today.  And, I’m going to put that concept to the test.

Teachers have misunderstood the reality of playing music.  And, to an extent, the reason is clear:  Learning is counter-intuitive.  So what is taught is simply backwards.  The application:  learn to play music before you learn to read it and you’ll always be able to read the music.