Illusions and Cynicism

I’m going to apologize for being cynical.  I have been called one of the “world’s greatest cynics” by a good friend.  It’s not that I’m cynical, it’s just that some people tend to live up to my lowest expectations.

What does all of that have to do with “illusions?”  Simply this: Often we are enticed to idolize those who “look good,” the strong and boisterous —  and who are doing self-destructive things.  Competitive professional sports, for example, create the illusion of fame and often disregard the reality of life and living.

The illusion:

How They Want to Be ViewedHow the Really Are

What’s real?  Can you see the point.    Note: very little publicity and interviews are now being broadcast.  Why?

At this point, I will wager that Ms. Rousey is finished, as done and gone as Mr. Woods.  I would hope that she never enter the ring again and, furthermore, that the truth of violence not be the entertainment and amusement of the masses.  I also predict that if she enters the ring again, she will never be the fighter she so arrogantly claimed as her destiny.  The last I heard, she couldn’t even bite or chew an apple.  It’s hard to see how she’ll ever overcome the psychological trauma, not to mention the physical abuse she volunteered for.

As for being cynical, I’m sure my hope is absolutely meaningless to the ears of the masses.  And, in conclusion, I think it can be truthfully said that being a musician is a much better choice. And, it’s also a best choice of entertainment (as compared to the fight game).