The Righteous Fight or How to Not Lose

From a man with a sixth grade education:

  1. Never start a fight in another man’s neighborhood.  He knows the alleys better than you (since he lives there)
  2. Never jump into a fight between closely related relatives (brothers, cousins or uncles, boy friends versus girl friends, vice versa). They will both turn on you.
  3. Do any and everything you can to avoid fighting. Running away is not an act of cowardice, but wisdom.  And always avoid or evade (to the extent humanly possible) physical confrontation.
  4. Do not routinely carry a weapon to be used for deadly confrontation. If you have a weapon on your person, you will likely believe and subconsciously be motivated to use it, rather than seeking an alternative to the use of deadly force (see # 3). Above all, it will prevent “pre-emptive” use of force, that results in unintended consequences of misjudgement. If ever alcohol is out, being served or drank, leave! Bad misunderstandings have occurred among best friends.
  5. If you must fight, being without escape or without any other choice, fight with all your life to win and use any and everything at hand to survive and defeat the enemy.

Those are the rules of life taught me by my father, Charlie Estus Ezell Channel, Sr.  I have found that the application of those principles personally and in the political realm is the best standard of morality and justification for the use of deadly force, in any situation.


Note:  If George W. Bush had applied such common sense (that a man with only a sixth grade education, who picked cotton in the fields of Texas at the age of 4 did), the unintended consequences and meaningless loss of life and wasted sacrifice would have been obviated.

So, now, Mr. Trump has decided to violate common sense.  Let me be clear:  If the Russians got their asses kicked in Afghanistan, where the lines of logistics were shorter and there was less concern about collateral damage, What in the name of security is the so-called “leader” of the free world, and his ilk, thinking?