Puppetry: Leaking Whistle

Puppetry: Wrongfully controlling, or attempting to control another immorally or illegally, without disclosing the existence of strings.

When a leaker hits a moral dilemma, there is always a choice:  So, remember:

When you hear a leak in a pipe, you may hear only a hiss or a whistle indicating something is wrong.  Be thankful you hear it, for it may warn of disaster or catastrophe.  Appropriately, when you hear a leak by a human (more intelligence involved than a failing pipe or improperly connected pipe), the whistle is a signal.  In the case before us the human is a”leaker.”  Every Whistle Blower is leaking something.  If you truly think about it, every Whistle Blower is, essentially, a leaker.

Calling a name with a negative connotation (leaking is “bad”) and out of context should be crime itself. Actually, when I think about it, lying is a crime in many instances.