J. Herman Blake

J. Herman Blake

After service in the U.S. Navy I returned to Santa Monica City College, where I’d failed out.  And, after redemption (All “A’s” and “B’s”), I was accepted at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I majored in Psychology.

I was privileged and honored to meet Dr. J. Herman Blake, Sociologist, while there.  And, he had a tremendous impact on my understanding of both myself, the history and social condition of African American and the struggles of life. I must also mention John Rickford, whose keen intellect and brilliant insights enabled and facilitated my survival and achievement.

Herman recently wrote and thanked me for driving him to the California Men’s Colony where Huey P. Newton was incarcerated.  Jan Mathias, who later became my wife, was with me.

Herman’s collection of work is now at Emory.  Check it out!jointlogo