Conservative Ignorance

Conservative Ignorance

The problem is simple: Change!

The words written at one point in time are meaningful in the context of that time. As time slides forward, viagra 100mg the context of the words lose relevance to the moment of existence. That is the nature of change and knowledge that affect what is done and how.

Example: Constitution. Frontier. Armed militia.

Conceptually, the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United State cannot be strictly equated and applied to the current time in which we live or the social reality of today. The frontier of the United State of America no longer exists.  Manifest Destiny obviated that reality.

Strict application of the Second Amendment actually takes the matter out of context, resulting in irrationality that can be described as “stupidity.”

Long has gone the day when a boy, reaching the age of 14, is given a rifle to hunt with. I think that paints the picture of change that has occurred. Long gone are the days when a big family was needed to work the farm or tend the ranch. The only frontier is the deepest oceans, the heavens above and information technology.

Think about it.