The Magic of Vinyl

In the process of moving my flat-screen display, I managed to step on an attached cable and break the rf input for TV.  This is somewhat like the Laurel and Hardy comedy where one thing leads to another and another and a mess of wires and chords and cables and the broken new flat screen tv’s rf input.

I managed to render first aid and all functionality has been restored (have you ever taken apart your device, just to see if you could put it back together without damaging something else)?  All of that nerding around got me to plugging in my Technics linear tracking SL-6 turntable to the multi-channel audio-video receiver.  Finally, (through a RIAA preamp) my turn table led to my now somewhat warped vinyl collection.  But among the warped records were about 80% that are still flat enough to play.  Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly was a casualty of time.  Traffic’s John Barleycorn Must Die was spectacular, still.   Unfortunately, the entire volume of Woodstock vinyl  was badly warped, all of ’em. But … Knights in White Satin and the Moody Blues just brought it all home.  Then, it was on to Donna Summer’s State of Independence!  I put it on repeat and did work in the back yard to that one.

My goodness, there was Liona Boyd among the still unwarped discs.  I just had to Google her!  What beauty!!!!  I’m listening to disc titled The First Lady of the Guitar. Jesus, why have we not lived and loved (musically speaking)? Check her out, if you’ve never known or heard of her.  Check her out if you’ve forgotten who we’ve walked with.