Nothing is ForEver Lost

Lost is an illusion of reality.  As Life and Death is an illusion, so be the thoughts and emotions of loss.

If you have ever lost your key, your money or your friendship, the pangs of pain you feel bring sadness. But, upon finding you key, your money or the restored friendship, happiness and joy and relief from anxiety wraps your awareness in relief.

The question is: Did you actually loose anything?  Answer: No! You thought you did, just as I have. In fact, the object, the money or the friendship was hidden.  Some might say, “misplaced.” But, more likely, you’ll find the key, the money, the letter or whatever under something that was absently placed on top of it. That has been my experience.

Clean up enough stuff, throw away the useless papers cluttering your desk, and there it is!  Under the junk mail. Of course, there are instances when something is dropped and “lost.”  But, it’s not truly lost, either.  It is your control of it that has been lost due to it being actually misplaced (not where you intended it to be, whether by inadvertence or missed direction).

Perhaps, nothing … absolutely nothing … is ever truly lost … even Life itself. It is simply in another place or the place where it was left, waiting to be discovered and used again. That place is called Hope, Faith and Love.