Merry Christmas 2014

There is a lot on my mind today.  In some ways, I’m deep in a purple haze. My mind continues to return to the state of humanity and my own inadequacies.

Helplessness and hopelessness are the attributes of the inability to change the world. The inability extends beyond the inert physical world into the realm of humanity.  To be more specific, into the world of violent humanity.

Empathetic mind-state only amplifies emotional pain and frustration inside of me. I search for the formula for peace, true peace. Is true peace oblivion through death by one human exercising his or her will against another?  Is that were the answer sits? If so, then why the joy and experience of live and life that comes through living and music?

And what of religion and politics?

Turn it off, turn it off.  That’s all I know at this moment.  Kill them both.  Shut out the sounds, the noise and the irrationality of belief that empowers one human to desecrate the life of another based on some absurd and faulty belief in what some other dead prophet supposedly uttered.

Killing people over what some dead human supposedly said and did, it seems to me, is the summit of stupidity and absurdity.  Yet, that is the world in which most, if not all, humankind exists.

The time has long past to evolve to a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of mass consciousness that is righteous, without hypocrisy.  The level that is belief without religion.  A place beyond geographic borders and rationalized ideologies. Life love.

As much as I can tell, the “ism” and “ists” and “ocracies” are nothing more than “hypocristic” in the hypocracy (neologisms).  And, dare I tell you that Hypocracy includes any and all theocratic and geo-dominant political systems of belief.  For within all such theocratic and political systems is abuse, torture and killing of innocents who have been judged unworthy of life and living based on the mere incident of conception.

I’ll not bother you with the facts, as you can read or here them in the daily news.

There burns within my mind the idea that Hypocracy is wrong and that I don’t want to be a part of it, in any manner.

Jimi, i hear u.  Manic depression’s a frustrating mess.