Practice …

This week marks an awareness of my inadequacies.  Perhaps all musicians go through feeling as I do.  It seems there is so much to learn, so much I am not accomplishing in the moment of performance, or even in daily practice.

I am aware that the little things that seemed impossible, only moments ago, will usually proceed to a better level of competency as the future becomes the present. — provided I expend time working on and confronting the failure.

Failure, it seems, must be the goal to strive for every day.  The more failure and the bigger the failures, the more I have to work on and, in the course of so doing, the better I shall become. That is a difficult mind-set to maintain.  My ego tells me that failure reflects on my inadequacy and value as a human being. However, there’s another part of “self” — the objective, above the noise of the crowd part — that tells me, what I’m experiencing is the only way to get to what I’m trying to achieve:  being an accomplished bassist!

I’d have to ask:  Does the need to practice ever stop?  I guess it depends on what one means by “practice.”  Of one thing I’m certain: I’m going to go fail now, once more.

The interesting phenomena is how we connect with our unseen realities.  I commend to you Michael Klinghoffer’s blogging on PERFECTION!