Launched …

Some who read or use my in-house server may wonder what am I doing in this World? Hell if I know!  All I know is that I was born and have been defined by humanity as “African-american.”  Like, who isn’t, if born and living on the American content?

It appears that I was actually brought into this existence to be a musician, whether or not that was anyone’s intention except mine. I was 16 years old when I felt that being a musician is my destiny in this incarnation. And, apparently, at almost 70 years of age I have actually arrived.

First appreciation goes to my father who enabled me to experience Lionel Hampton and, also, to every musician,  drummer (I’m so amazed and happy that I was able to actually play with Eddie Marshall before he passed) and every bassist that’s made me feel good about being. There’re a bunch including Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Buster Williams, Richard Davis … you know or should or will know the music and names.

Today, John Patitucci through ArtistWorks is the launching pad from which I have been unleashed on the path .  I can’t describe why simply being with him, virtually, has launched and freed me to be.  Suffice to say, I know I can do it — “be” an excellent bassist and consistently perform at a professional level. That, apparently, is what I have been born to be.

A special thanks also to Steve Swan, who sold me my bass 6 years ago.  See my Tributes to Loved for a more complete list, including ISB!

I think I’ll get a  new bass, one that I can take wherever I go, as I don’t plan on going anywhere without one ever again in my life, except to the crematorium.  I believe Lemur music has one that I think, finally, answers my question:

Let’s have a great day!