Alive in the Vibes and Peace Charlie Haden

Yesterday, the ISB sent a note of sadness and condolence regarding Charlie Haden.


Charlie is a bassist with whom I’ve identified for so many years.  His collaboration, specifically with Keith Jarrett, occurred at a moment in time, around 1974 (+ 40 years ago) when I had to make a decision:  To be a bassist or a husband and father?  That was the question.  I chose the latter at that time, thinking, “Why else did I marry?”  Love makes you do strange things!

Fourteen years ago, I again had the choice before me as a widower, and I play as often as possible.  Thus, it is that upon being informed of Charlie’s death I again listened to the work done that was so inspirational around 1974.

Fort YAWUH is a recording  that rings my bell at so many levels, both for Keith’s piano playing  — including all of the other guys playing with him — and, or course,  Charlie Haden.

Find and listen to Fort Yawuh.  I’ve got the vinyl, but I’ll not take time to load it.  Last night I listened again.  YouTube has a version (poor sound quality, but definitely worth the audition).  I highly recommend it.

Rest and be Alive in the Vibes, Charlie.  They’re all good.