Life’s Answer

If you’ve come this far on my server, you’ll find another post.  This is actually not the first one I’ve done.  I’m the “admin”.  Do not be in awe. Anyone can do this.  You don’t need an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to publish on the WWW.  Did I mention it doesn’t cost anything?  Life is good.  I’ll log in under my userid in a bit.  But, for the moment, I’ll not bother wasting time with that.  Now, let’s get on with what’s on my mind.

It’s Father’s Day.  Actually, I think Father’s Day is Mother’s Day is Birthday and Every Day!

I know life only comes from life.  Here’s the Alpha and Omega:  the question is, Where does life come from?   Life!  End of belief. End of sermon. End of philosophy. End of debate.  As for the Why? the answer (not the question) is:  TO BE OR NOT TO BE!  

Thanks William … I needed that!