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Charlie: The name Charlie is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “free man”. Charlie derives, of course, from the classic name Charles which, in turn, comes from a German word meaning “free man.” 

Estus: It seems to me that the name for estus flasks could be derived from the Greek word “εστία” – “Estea” which translates to hearth as in hearth fire, so the estus flask is a little part of the bonfire, that is pretty much the only warm and welcoming thing in this game.

Ezell: English: of unknown origin. The name was well established in the Carolinas by the mid 18th century. In one branch of the family the name was changed to Israel; this is a derivative, not the origin. Americanized form (under French influence) of German Esel, a nickname from Middle High German esel ‘donkey’. (cchannel’s opinion: i add that African descendants who were made illiterate slaves and their offspring, who heard and knew Bible verses named children “Ezel” – which was an probably is the illiterate pronunciation of the name Ezekiel, aurally and orally). Ezekiel is a masculine Hebrew language namemeaning “God’s Strength.” It can be used as both a given name and a surname.

Channel:channel is a passageway, a means of access for a thing, a communication, or an idea. Think of a channel as sort of a tunnel or a funnel that moves something directly through. The noun channel can be used for many such avenues.

Junior: The name Junior is a Latin Baby Names baby name. In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Junior is: Younger. Used in the United States to distinguish a son from his father, when both bear the same name.

That is my name, given at birth: November 16, 1944 – in the midst of World War 2. Charlie Estus Ezell Channel, Jr. I’ve never seen the need or had the urge to change it.

In the stream of time, we are on the edge. In context begin in the Book of Daniel. See Chapter 39 and 39. “THEY WILL HAVE TO KNOW THAT I AM JEHOVAH”, -> Revelation Chapter 6.

“He did not choose wisely.”


Taking it to the streets
The curious ask, “Why?”
The answer in the beats
We can make it if we try

Declaration when we meet
In pain and hurt and cry
The principle is sweet
Liberty or die

Form of government bad
Destructive of these ends
People’s rights alter or abolish shit
No insurrection sin

Abolish or alter it
Institute a new
Foundation on such principle
Is what this nation grew

Power to the people
Take it to the street
Peace, justice and freedom
In that place we meet

why i disabled send to all

True Confessions from the Hacker-Time Bloggersphere.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Three years ago, I was on assignment. My job was to monitor traffic. Specifically, “A-1’s” communication on Twitter. A-1 is the code name that identifies “Ass-Hole-Number-One.” He likes the designation. He doesn’t know what the word “mnemonic” means. He can’t read.

My bosses face reddened. He jumped up. He lifted his right hand and rolled his eyes to the ceiling flinging his coffee mug, shattering shards of fragments off the white board back towards the front of the table. I ducked and put my hand over my face.

“What in the name of democracy is happening? He’s a god damned mother-fuckin’-cock-sukin’ idiot!” he bellowed.

“He tweeted it, boss.”


I really wasn’t sure.

“He sent the doomsday code word out in plan text, in a fuckin’ Tweet? You’re telling me he Tweeted? Cov … Tweeted????? When in the fuck did that happen?”

I handed Matt the transcript. The date-time stamp was a few minutes after midnight.

“I guess he wasn’t fuckin’, Boss.”

Read the Tweet ….

“Don’t say anything. Don’t blink. Don’t move. Don’t react. Don’t breath it … Don’t ever even think about that word again, ever … never!” Matt scowled. “There’s too much shit going on right now and there’s bound to be other shit and more shit after that and with so much shit on top of shit and shit going on, and this shit … and … “

“Shit!” He exploded, stomped out of the conference room, slamming the door, muttering. “He’s fuckin’ idiot! A god-damned fuckin’ idiot!!!”

“Toilette paper,” I whispered under my breath. “I guess I better go buy some … “


So far, living is uncertainty. Will i see another Sunrise? Will i sleep in bed? Will i walk among you? Will i talk instead? Is a roof above my head? i the walking dead? The grateful instead? Depression fronting dread. It’s destiny instead. Keep the faith. Keep dreaming. Seek truth and wisdom in all you are seeing.

Peace be within your grasp, in all that you are seeing. A little help from all your friends, will always be your being. The love and truth within the jar, within the light’s that beaming.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the thing that we are chasing is beneath our feet, within our hands, within our beat. I see the truth in all that’s said, in all that’s done, in all that’s dead.

In the absence of nothing there is existence, and in the existence of nothing there is infinity. Infinity that expands in everlasting loop. It is the matter of the moment that beings into consciousness the reality that it all simply under our hands.

Be in love. Be in peace. Be involved in all you seek. Be meek. Be truth. Be red white blue black green pink yellow:


Happy Birthday LMC

Time leaves its marks on all things,
The living and the dead
The thoughts and dreams and human scenes
The things inside your head

April 21, 1983
A time of love and Spring
A time of hope with labor bring
A life replaced the dead
And love was born instead

The Letter

I think you have to look at the facts, with regard to Captain Bret Crozier and the USN.

  1. The GOAT (“Greatest of All Time”) was, and is, probably one of the best leaders in the USN, if not the best. He obviously was the best for the job. You don’t get to be Captain of an aircraft carrier making any mistakes or errors of significance in life. None.
  2. A captain is responsible for everything that happens on board the ship, whether or not he or she has made an error. When things go wrong, like collisions while someone else is on duty and somebody dies, the “would have,” “should have” standard applies. You are removed. You are accountable. We were taught that you can delegate authority, but not responsibility. The Captain knows that, I’m certain.
  3. It’s highly likely that the GOAT communicated the urgency of the situation to his superior (that’s being reported now). I know it’s an assumption, more than a proven fact. However, I was in the USN and chain-of-command is the way it works. Period. He didn’t only write the letter. He probably did more, and I’m surely convinced on belief that the logs will show that truth.
  4. Every human being under the authority of a captain is accounted for, daily (and hourly). That is fundamental. Therefore, it is known (or can be determined) where the ship has been, who was off the ship and when they were off and, thus, who may have been in contact with those who were not, if any. Thus, it can be determined when and where exposure may have occurred with reasonable certainty.
  5. The rate at which sailors were being afflicted would be evident to the Navy corpsmen and doctors, and, of course, communicated to the Captain. There are only so many beds available in the sick bay. Likewise, there are only so many beds available on a ship. The sailors share quarters. They also talk to each other. The doctors and corpsmen probably (I’d say 100%) gave their recommendations to the Captain.

My guess is that the Captain let a Rear Admiral know and was awaiting a decision and directions via electronic media and personal official voice communication — the chain-of-command. The Captain may have made a recommendation on the course of action he needed, in his position of authority. It was obviously drafted and sent through channels, on official letterhead. If he’s the kind of leader I believe him to be. I’d put money on it that he did. (I just read the letter in its entirety. He did).


Obviously, the Commander-in-Chief would have had to have been informed. Now, whether a decision was made or there was a failure to timely respond with directions or an order, I don’t know. I’d suspect it was not the latter, i.e., that he failed to follow an order.

I heard what the Commander-in-Chief said and felt about the civilian ship that was off the coast of San Francisco. And, unlike many of us, the president has not served. All I can say is that there is a certain view of reality one gets when one’s ass is on the line.

I’m speculating there was a significant failure of leadership at some level above the Captain. One’s authority and power to direct include one fact: to not decide what to do is, nevertheless, a decision — an indecisive act.

That goes along with the principle a great leader lives by: You can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility. So, you must ask yourself, Who is ultimately responsible?

So, it’s very simple: the Captain was the sacrificial “goat,” figuratively. There are two goats that are brought to the sacrificial alter. The scapegoat gets to escape death and is let go (or so the Bible says) into the political wilderness. The other goat is sacrificed for the sins of the people. Thrown into the fire, that goat is burned alive (i.e., “fired”). It’s in the Bible.

It is not without significance that Captain Crozier is called the “GOAT”. The Captain sacrificed his career, and thus, his professional life. He was tracking to become a Rear Admiral (the person to whom a captain reports). Probably one of the best.

What we’ve been told is that the Captain failed to follow protocol. By that, I think we’re being told that he was supposed to do nothing until told what to do. He probably wasn’t told to not say anything about what was happening on the ship. Even if he was, he wasn’t told the sailors couldn’t communicate with those outside of the USN. And, if he wasn’t given any instruction on what to do he alone faced a moral dilemma.

His situation was urgent. Imagine, for a moment, a ship leaking and sinking. Knowing at the rate of leaking, in a matter of time sailors were already in the water, going to drown. Where were the life preservers?

Well, all you have to do is listen to the sailors chants of support for the actions taken. They know the truth: the man saved their ass in all probability and sacrificed his career and professional life.

He’s a true hero and to be Admired. That’s true courage.

Indoctrination, Training and Education

It’s so strange. Silence from the the Secretary of Education on so much related to education. Where is the instruction and guidance to parents who are now directly responsible for their children’s training and education.

Does she even know the difference between “indoctrination,” “training,” and “education”? And, exactly, what should be collectively do with regard to those categories of socialization? Clearly, the facts show her expertise , like Mr. Trump’s, the manipulation of people through the utilization of money.

Where are the national standards against which every student should be educated (taught to think), in making decisions that effect their lives. Where is the subject specific guidelines and manuals and tools that can be used to train (show and tell “how to do” stuff) students? Where is the information that lets a parent know the difference between education, training and indoctrination — and where the boundary is.

Silence. Solution: throw money at the matter and deem that action a political success.

This is a disgrace. The Trump administration has failed on so many fronts, including the one that is actually the first line of defense: knowledge and intelligence.